We have been a leader in the public service industry since May 1989. Since its establishment, Ramelli Janitorial Services has grown exponentially to include many diversified areas of business, including the waste management industry following Hurricane Katrina; during this time there was a dire need for residential waste collection in the metropolitan area. As the market presented a need, Ramelli Waste, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ramelli Group was created.

Waste Removal: The Ramelli Group is equipped to remove debris, trash and junk from residential, municipal and commercial sites. We are staffed and equipped to clean up “frame-to-finish” construction sites of debris that accumulate during the course of a project. Ramelli can come to your location and do the work of removing items from the home and property for disposal. Ramelli Waste LLC holds a Specialty Non Hazardous Waste Treatment Removal license according to the Louisiana contractor’s license board.

Residential: Since its establishment in 2005, Ramelli Waste now provide Residential Trash Collection for over 37,000 residents daily in The City of Kenner, French Quarter, Downtown Development District (DDD) and parts of Jefferson Parish.

French Quarter Residents

Ramelli Waste services the French Quarter and Downtown Development District (DDD). For further information, please call 311.

Kenner Residents

Curbside recycling is returning to Kenner for the first time in more than a decade! Green recycle bins are being distributed and city-wide collections will start on May 5th, 2016. Curbside recycling will be available to 22,000 locations in the city; If we pick up your curbside garbage you are eligible for recycling service.

PICK-UP SCHEDULE: Residents should know that all eligible recycling will be picked up on the second day of your weekly pickup. For residents collected on Monday, that means Thursday will be both a garbage day and a recycling day. Residents with a Tuesday collection, the recycling pickup will be on Friday, and for residents with a first garbage pickup on Wednesday, recycling will be collected on Saturday. We are NOT accepting glass, galvanized metal (fence posts), car bumpers, lawn furniture, ferrous metal (car motors, car parts).

Don’t know your pick-up days? Find your pick-up days by district.

Please note that the recyclables will be collected with a vehicle bearing the “Green Recycling Logo”.


Find your pick up days by district

Trash Receptacle Request Form

Debris Pick-Up Request Form

Harahan Residents

New Service will begin March 1st 2017. In an effort to provide a seamless transition, old carts will be removed while the new carts are being delivered. Collection days and routes will remain the same, with no interruptions in service. Additional information can be found at

Should you encounter any issues or concerns with your service, please do not hesitate to contact us at 504.482.2040.


  • Bulky Items
    • Large tree limbs and wood waste must be neatly stacked, with a diameter less that two (2) feet and cut to lengths no greater than four (4) feet. Tree trunks must be cut into pieces not exceeding 75 pounds.
    • Leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste must be containerized (preferable in a plastic bag so the wind does not spread the debris); the containerized debris must not exceed 75 pounds.
  • Recycling Centers

    • We will be accepting paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and metal. We DO NOT accept glass.
    • Curbside recycling will end 1 March 2017; this fee will be removed from your water bill.
    • Community recycle drop-off are located at the following location(s):
      • Senior Center
      • Maintenance Building
      • City Hall Parking Lot
      • Harahan Playground/Gym
  • Large Items/ Construction
    • Residents should notify Ramelli prior to their collection day should special collection be required.
    • Items such as furniture, remodeling debris, passenger tires (not to exceed 40 pounds each) large toys, white goods (with all fluids removed), and waste which does not fit into the Ramelli cart, should be placed next to the refuse container and should weigh no more than 75 pounds.