Our History

(June 13, 1879 – August 4, 1966)

Since Rudolph Phillip Ramelli opened his doors in 1909, the Ramelli name has been a leader in the Service Industry. Ramelli Coal Company was the business world’s first introduction to the Ramelli standard of excellence. Even during the Depression of the 1930s, Ramelli maintained good financial standings and was able to provide financial aid to loyal customers in the Greater New Orleans Area. As America began rebuilding, Ramelli expanded his company to include and the sale of High-Grade Coal, Coke and Anthracite. After years of business, Rudolph foresaw a change in the market because of advancements in technology so Ramelli shifted his focus and opened Rudolph Ramelli Incorporated which provided Laundry and Dry Cleaners’ Supplies to the South.


(March 24, 1928 – February 12, 1988)

Following the death of his father, Rudolph continued the legacy of Rudolph Ramelli Incorporated by maintaining sales of dry cleaning and maintenance supplies to the Gulf Coast. In 1960, the business climate was changing with the oil boom and the New Orleans skyline was being filled with skyscrapers as well as the Super Dome, the look of the janitor was changing. The Ramelli Company was a natural fit for this change. In 1973, with the assistance from his son Robert, Rudolph worked to start the next level of Ramelli.



Robert C. Ramelli, the grandson of Rudolph Phillip Ramelli, grew up with the Ramelli Company setting the example for success. With the assistance of his wife Rebecca, they spent the first years of their marriage building Ramelli Janitorial Services, Inc. to be one of the largest janitorial service companies in the Greater New Orleans Area. As the company continued to grow in New Orleans, Robert discovered that there was a need throughout the country for the quality service that his company provided. Along with his brother Thomas, Robert began to expand the company past the borders of New Orleans in 1990. Subsequently the Ramelli name’s extension throughout the United States had begun and the Ramelli Group, LLC was born. Robert Ramelli acclaims his innovative and creative management for his continued success and is able further his operation and enhance his vision.



Working alongside their father Robert, the fourth generation of the Ramelli family has had a significant impact on the growth and expansion of the company. They are committed to maintaining the excellent service that their Great-Grandfather, Rudolph Phillip Ramelli, introduced into the company.

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